"Their concrete finish work was the most professional I've seen by environmental subcontractors building a well box apron."      - Geologist, Jacobs "As always, [your technician] did a great job not just with the concrete work, but with making helpful suggestions to keep the projects running smoothly and helping me deal with a difficult site superintendent. Please let him know his efforts were appreciated."  - Principal Geologist, Parsons "The Blaine Tech personnel did very high quality work in a very safe manner." 
"We would like to express our appreciation for your fine work and efforts and we look forward to working with all of you again next quarter."  - Program Manager, Shaw Environmental"As always, the team was fantastic. I've always felt that my projects were in good hands with any Blaine Tech person that I've had on site. [Your technicians] were friendly and conscientious, paid attention to the project details, and asked knowledgeable questions. Thanks so much!"  - Geologist, Blackstone Consulting "We succeeded beyond expectations this round. I am really pleased at the outcome.  I'm definitely looking forward to bringing Blaine Tech back for future sampling efforts."  - Environmental Engineer, Jacobs "It's great to know that we have brought on the right company and you brought the right crew to support us in this important project."  - Senior Geologist, ARCADIS "I am continually impressed by the professionalism of the samplers."  - Project Manager, ARCADIS "It is always a pleasure to work with people who are professional at what they do."              - Project Manager, Antea Group "I must commend [your technicians] on their job professionalism and efficiency in their field activities. They were great. Thanks again. DTSC really appreciates the coordination."  - Project Manager, DTSC"Great thank you! Again, I really appreciate you guys working with us and our insane schedule. All of the techs have done a really, really great job so we really appreciate all of the work you're doing for us."  - Senior Geologist, ERM        
"I wanted to inform you that [your technician] performed a superior job out on our site. Without his hard work and knowledge of groundwater sampling conditions and standards we would have been on site for a longer duration. He helped to bring our sampling event in under budget and we are very grateful."  - Staff Geologist, AECOM